WASHINGTON, D.C., January 29, 2021 – Internet2 today announced the winners of the Community Anchor Program (CAP) Distance Learning Scholarship program to give K-12 teachers free, one-on-one distance learning programs for their class through the Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration (CILC). A total of 38 recipients teaching K-12 across Connecticut, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, New York, Ohio and Oklahoma are being awarded CILC scholarships that will directly benefit more than 1,600 students. 

“We are thrilled to be able help teachers provide their students with a unique interactive classroom experience for their students during the pandemic, regardless of whether their students are attending school in-person or online,” said Internet2 Community Anchor Program Director Stephanie Stenberg. “Research and education networks provide schools a robust internet connection for education and an unparalleled level of service, and we are proud to serve them. Congratulations to all the scholarship recipients!” 

The scholarship program was open to K-12 teachers from a school that connects to the national Internet2 network through their state or regional research and education network. Teachers could choose from any of the over 1,900 professionally-delivered programs offered through CILC, all of which have been evaluated by teachers and can be sorted by topic or by recommendation. 

Live, interactive learning experiences 

Kirstina Frazier teaches first to third grade students at Andover Elementary, a small, rural school in Connecticut that is a member of the Connecticut Education Network. Frazier selected the Exploring the Continents with Story and Song program to allow students the opportunity to gain an appreciation and understanding for the world around them. “I want my students to gain a greater appreciation for the people and cultures from around the world through traditional storytelling and instruments,” said Frazier. 

For Michelle Hundt, a fifth grade teacher at Wharton Elementary in Illinois, and whose school is a member of the Iowa Communications Network, the What’s the Matter? program offered the perfect opportunity to supplement what students have been learning about the subject this year. “My students are currently studying how the particles that make up undergo phase changes due to temperature and heat changes. I am looking for some really neat ways to get them excited about this topic, and this seems like a great learning opportunity for them,” said Hundt. 

For Taggart Fox from New Carlisle Elementary School in Ohio, whose school is a member of OARnet, offering the Kids Rock On – Chipping Away at the Rock Cycle! program for third-grade students is an opportunity to introduce geology with the hope that the role of geologists would spark interest and begin to develop the roots of future career path options. “The rock cycle and rock classification is pertinent to our standards. Weathering is a tough concept to grasp because of its dependance on lengths of time, and I am hopeful this course will show some real-life examples that the students can identify with,” said Fox. 

Distance learning scholarship winners 

The 38 scholarship recipients connect to the Internet2 network via one of the following seven state or regional research and education network: Connecticut Education Network, Iowa Communications Network, Illinois Communications Network, KanREN in Kansas, NYSERNet in New York, OARnet in Ohio, and OneNet in Oklahoma. 

Scholarship winners are listed below, along with the state or regional research and education network that connects their school to Internet2. 

#Teacher NameSchool NameCity & StateGrade(s)Connecting Research & Education Network
1Debra AllardIntegrated Day Charter SchoolNorwich, CT6th gradeConnecticut Education Network
2Kristy CookStrong Elementary SchoolPlantsville, CT5th gradeConnecticut Education Network
3Lori Crocker-LincolnEastford Elementary School Eastford, CT 2nd and 3rd grade Connecticut Education Network
4Melanie Drinkwater Canton Middle School Collinsville, CT 7th grade Connecticut Education Network
5Lynn Erickson Stafford Elementary School Stafford Springs, CT 2nd grade Connecticut Education Network
6Kirstina Frazier Andover Elementary School Andover, CT 1st-3rd grade Connecticut Education Network
7Kimberly Hollenbach Birch Grove Primary Tolland, CT Kindergarten Connecticut Education Network
8Marissa Krayeski Chaplin Elementary School Chaplin, CT 5th and 6th grade Connecticut Education Network
9Louise Morrison Thompson Middle School Grosvenordale, CT 6th grade Connecticut Education Network
10Sarah Moynihan Birch Grove Primary School Tolland, CT Kindergarten Connecticut Education Network
11Julie Prescott Chippens Hill Middle School Bristol, CT 8th grade Connecticut Education Network
12Ashleeann Traner South Side School Bristol, CT Kindergarten Connecticut Education Network
13Ashleeann Traner South Side School Bristol, CT Kindergarten- 5th grade Connecticut Education Network
14Nancy Wasserman John F Kennedy Middle School Plantsville, CT 8th grade Connecticut Education Network
15Lisa Seaba Jefferson Elementary Muscatine, IA Kindergarten Iowa Communications Network
16Laurel Adams Palestine High School Franklin, IL 6-12th grade Illinois Communications Network
17Alexis Billick Franklin Jr/Sr. High School Franklin, IL 9th grade Illinois Communications Network
18Vanessa Courts Alain Locke Charter School Chicago, IL Kindergarten Illinois Communications Network
19Morgan Dillman Geff Grade School Geff, IL 1st grade Illinois Communications Network
20Margaret Figura CICS West Belden — Distinctive Schools Chicago, IL 4th grade Illinois Communications Network
21Susan Hagan Meridian Elementary School Blue Mound, IL 4-5th grade Illinois Communications Network
22Susanne Hokkanen Heritage Middle School Summit, IL 6, 7, and 8th grade Illinois Communications Network
23Michelle Hundt Wharton Elementary Summit, IL 5th grade Illinois Communications Network
24Michele Irlacher Riverdahl Elementary Rockford, IL 1st grade Illinois Communications Network
25Ashley Mays CICS Bucktown — Distinctive Schools Chicago, IL 2nd grade Illinois Communications Network
26Kelly Pollack Chicago International Charter School: West Belden Chicago, IL 3rd gradeIllinois Communications Network
27Melisa Shepard Webster Elementary Collinsville, IL 2nd grade Illinois Communications Network
28Jeanine Shumaker Riverdahl Elementary Rockford, IL 1st grade Illinois Communications Network
29Angie Tapley Rich Township High School FAC Campus Richton Park, IL 11th grade Illinois Communications Network
30Jim Cera Riverside High School Wathena, KS 9-12th grade KanREN
31Annette Bahun Eden Central School District Eden, NY 6th grade NYSERNet
32Kelly Grimaldi! Eden Elementary School Eden, NY 3rd grade NYSERNet
33Rebecca Bowman West Muskingum Elementary Zanesville, OH 1st grade OARnet
34Taggart Fox New Carlisle Elementary School New Carlisle, OH 3rd gradeOARnet
35Michelle Smith Eastern Elementary Lexington, OH 6th grade OARnet
36Ronna Dunigan Leflore Public Schools Le Flore, OK 1-2nd grade OneNet
37Melissa Newport White Rock Public School McLoud, OK 2nd grade OneNet
38Tiffany Robinson LeFlore Public School Le Flore, OK 1st gradeOneNet
39Mallory Tully White Rock Public School McLoud, OK PK-8th grade Music, 5th-8th grade Science OneNet

About Internet2 

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