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Realigned strategy includes new unique and engaging interactive content that brings the world to students, regardless of location

North Mankato, Minn. (Feb. 23, 2022) — The  Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration (CILC), a nonprofit dedicated to breaking down educational barriers through virtual, interactive learning, today announced an updated mission that focuses on leveling the playing field for young students and educators.

As part of its refocused strategy, the company is launching a host of new programs and virtual field trips for students and educators, along with a new website that makes it easier for visitors to discover all that CILC has to offer.

“The pandemic and the many disparities it highlighted prompted us – like many organizations around the world – to take an inward look at our core values and home in on our ‘whys of service,’” said Glenn Morris, CILC’s executive director. “As a result, we realized it was time to update and refresh our brand and strategic plan to achieve our mission of connecting children and educators with inspiring and engaging virtual learning experiences that narrow opportunity gaps.”

CILC programs offer students anywhere the ability to take virtual field trips to museums and cultural and historic institutions around the world – creating an important bridge for underserved students who might otherwise never have exposure to such environments. Even before the pandemic, school field trips were on the decline due to several factors, including tighter budgets, heavier workloads and standardized tests, according to

Education Next.

The new programming and strategy are grounded in CILC’s long-standing mission to expand boundaries and change lives by being accessible, relevant, interactive and cultural. With a more laser-focused approach, CILC can bring the world to every student, regardless of their location or financial wellbeing.

“We aim to reach as many communities as possible through powerful, interactive virtual learning programs that are well researched and connect students with quality learning experiences that represent diverse and global voices,” Morris said.

Studies show that virtual field trips are as  impactful for students as in-person field trips, and years of research have found that field trips positively contribute to the development of students by strengthening critical thinking skills, increasing historical empathy, displaying higher levels of tolerance, and possessing a greater taste for consuming art and culture.

Teachers, school administrators, and education professionals are encouraged to browse CILC’s new website to find the complete library of programs and learn more about free membership opportunities at  Discover.CILC.org.

About The Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration

The Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration (CILC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to connecting young minds to unique and diverse content, breaking down educational access barriers, and narrowing the opportunity gap for underserved communities. Founded in 1994, CILC has been a leader in the interactive virtual learning space before “remote learning” and “virtual experiences” were catchphrases. Over the years, CILC has developed hundreds of partnerships with organizations including museums, zoos, and science and performing art centers and delivered 113,000 global programs to 3.5 million students worldwide.CILC is committed to changing lives by making learning accessible, regardless of physical location or financial means. For more information about CILC’s programming or to incorporate programs into a school’s curriculum, please visit  Discover.CILC.org.