The Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration

Expanding Boundaries. Changing Lives.

Established in 1994, we have been thought leaders in the interactive virtual learning space since before “remote learning” and “virtual experiences” were catchphrases. Over the years, we have developed hundreds of partnerships—with museums, zoos, science and performing arts centers—to provide kids and educators with access to limitless learning opportunities.

We expand boundaries and change lives by making learning accessible, regardless of physical location or financial wellbeing.

Our Mission

We provide children and educators with inspiring and engaging virtual learning experiences that connect young minds to unique and diverse content, bringing the world to each student and narrowing the opportunity gap.

Our Vision

Connecting children and educators to compelling content and powerful learning experiences, leveling the playing field for all learners, regardless of location.

Our Core Values


We strive to reach as many communities as we can around the globe through the power of virtual learning. All experiences are affordable and completely customizable to give every classroom equal opportunity to interactive learning.


All programs are well-researched and evaluated by teachers to ensure quality learning experiences. We embrace a breadth of topics to enable K-5 educators to find programs that tie in with students’ curriculum, interests, and lives.


So much more is possible when students can interact with the specialists and subject matter experts themselves. Interactive learning is more engaging and more inspiring because students are active participants in the learning process.


We serve students from all cultural backgrounds and deliver programs that represent diverse, global voices. By bringing the world into the classroom, we expand the boundaries of students’ lives, helping them build empathy for others.

Annual Report & Financials

If you would like to receive a copy of CILC’s Financial Audit, please email us and we will send it upon request.

Our Team

As a 501(c)(3) organization, we rely on our content providers, sponsors, donors, foundations, and technology partners to achieve our mission of breaking down educational barriers around the globe, especially for underserved communities. There are many ways to contribute, and all means of support are greatly appreciated.

Glenn Morris

Glenn Morris

Executive Director


An innovative leader, Glenn Morris has developed and coordinated award-winning technology and applied academic programs, serving as a director for the South Central Service Cooperative. A teacher and administrator, Glenn has forged relationships for over three decades, shaping collaborative initiatives that connect education, workforce, and community.

Aimee Armer

Aimee Armer

Director of Strategic Development


Aimee Armer comes to CILC with more than 20 years of experience in the nonprofit sector where she has served as director, board president, and founder. Aimee has worked for organizations such as People’s Health Clinic, Big Brothers Big Sisters and JDRF, and brings a unique set of skills as a community-uniter and expert relationship builder to her role as Director of Strategic Development.

Allyson Mitchell

Allyson Mitchell

Director of Partnerships and Engagement


Before joining CILC as Director of Partnerships and Engagement, Allyson Mitchell held a variety of leadership positions within departments of learning in art, history, and university museums. In these roles, she supervised the design of multiple Distance Learning studios as well as the development of the supporting Interactive Virtual Learning programming and training of affiliated staff or experts. Allyson has presented in a series of national and international conferences to discuss the implications of integrating distance learning in museum settings and diverse learning environments. She has actively published scholarship on this topic; most recently she was co-author and contributing artist of the book Museums & Interactive Virtual Learning (Spring 2022).

Tami Moehring

Tami Moehring

Director of Member Relations


Tami Moehring manages overall member operations providing support, training and mentoring to Content Providers and educators. In her role, Tami is helping CILC grow and expand its impact for CILC and Content Providers, as well as educators and students. Before coming to CILC, she spent over 10 years in museum education working at various museums including the Minnesota Historical Society. She has presented at state and national conferences on the importance of virtual learning. Most recently she co-authored the book Museums & Interactive Learning, which was released in Spring 2022.

Jason Borglum

Instructional Technology

Gerard Breiter

Information Management

Roberta Jensen

Graphic Design

Sam Mikkalson

Website Development

Sue Porter

Collaboration Coordination

Kelsey Rose

Business Affairs

Tana Fladland

Support Professional and Help Desk

Our Boards


Board of Directors

Mark Brandt

Jim Brandstad

Dale Buss

Kathy Carlson

Jim Grabowska


Linda Leiding


Sam Mikkalson

Mike Pfeil

Darla Remus

Matt Ringhofer

Steve Rohlfing

Jodi Sapp


Keith Wenner

(Vice Chairperson)

Cindy Westerhouse

Advisory Board

Anne Bahn

President/CEO Byrnes Health Education Center, PA

Darryl Batts

Chair, Chief Communications Officer, Oiada International, Ghana

Melissa Daniels

Distance Learning Coordinator CiTi BOCES, NY

Joshua Feinman

Owner/Producer at Feinman Productions, Inc., CA

Seth Fleischauer

Founder and President, Banyan Global Learning, OR

John Ittleson

CSU Monterey Bay Professor Emeritus. former CILC Board Member, CA

Ben Newsome

CEO, Fizzics Education, Australia

Rebecca Petrone

Educator/Technologist, Central Michigan University: Museum of Cultural and Natural History, MI

Jason Robertshaw

Program Manager Virtual Learning, Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium, FL

Mary Schlegelmilch

Secretary, Education, Business Development Cisco, NE

Heather Stover

Director of Education, Don Harrington Discovery Center, TX

Tim Van Huele

Distance Learning Coordinator, VirtualHS/Media Greenville County Schools, SC

Statement on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Each day CILC builds a diverse, equitable and inclusive worldwide network of learning. At CILC our mission and goal of bringing virtual learning to marginalized global communities through educators parallels the importance we place on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Regardless of a person’s economic, political and social stature, CILC strives to include everyone. We consider each educator, student and parent powerfully unique. As we practice with our global and multicultural reach, we embody these principles within our company, boards and stakeholders. We welcome everyone involved with CILC to do the same.


  • Diversity drives innovation.
  • Equity drives opportunity.
  • Inclusion drives community.

Statement on Environmental, Social and Governance Policy Development

At CILC our policies and procedures reflect the importance of engaging all stakeholders and building consensus around the world’s environmental needs, improving all societies, and encouraging effective governance. What we do is unique and powerful. Our ESG position statement adds another important layer of understanding to everything we do and to our worldwide educational impact.

CILC is committed to:

  • Quality Education.
  • Reduced Inequalities.
  • Sustainable Cities and Communities.
  • Climate Action.
  • Responsible Consumption and Production.